Valerio Franco aka Mr.White is the evolution of the modern and contemporary art of the nearly extinct species of Strategic Planner.

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Hallelujah, the first Italian digital evangelist agency!

Valerio is also a founder and strategic director of ebolaindustries, the first viral agency in Italy, as well as being a partner and strategic planning director of Enfants Terribles, one of the largest Italian independent advertising agencies. Being at the forefront of the most innovative and experimental communication of this country for over ten years. Recently launched “Ebolaind“, the mobile app that brings the best of creativity and global communication projects more innovative into your hand.

Professor of Marketing and Viral Unconventional Academy of Communication in Milan and other universities in Italy. Brand Lover, tech-geek, blogger (when blogging was “cool”), now in the experimental stage and the search of his next social residency. Curious, omnivorous, and knows how to be intrigued by the discovery of Generation Like as the ice cream astronauts.

Valerio is always running. To make running his favorite sport, he swears that sooner or later he will run his first marathon. Then writes his first book: a paperback titled “Running the planner.”

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