Niche Chathong, a 28–years-old Thai, is graduated in Industrial Design in Bangkok and later obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Network Influence Design from Politecnico di Milano with the highest marks.

“As soon as we met her, we realized that she was a rare Unicorn, so we had no doubt: we strongly wanted her, even if we were aware that hiring a creative outside the European community would raise  enormous bureaucratic problems. It took more than two months. But now Niche is here with us, and the satisfaction is mutual,” says Valerio Franco.

“Niche’s peculiarity is her absolute mastery of more than ten software programs and other computer languages. Along with this expertise, she has above-average taste in graphic design,” continues Mizio Ratti, “in a digital agency like ours she could cover five different roles, but we decided to assign her to the position where she can best deploy her skills. So she is Hallelujah’s Digital Graphic Designer “.

“Creativity, curiosity, taste, excellent computer skills and overwhelming desire to improve her abilities… are the qualities that distinguish an ordinarycreative from a Unicorn – the Unicorn that Hallelujah was searchin for,” says Valerio Franco. “Our challenge is to cultivate a new generation of Techno-Creative professionals, and with Niche joining us, we are sure that we are on our way  to winning it”.

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