Vorwerk Folletto

Vorwerk Folletto is a leading brand in the market, with more than a million Italian consumer contacts. Consequently, its CRM system needs to be very efficient and powerful. The Hallelujah project, Folletto Experience Club, is based on the original contents for the CRM category.

Thanks to the partnership with Delta Askii, Hallelujah developed an appropriate algorithm with highly innovative characteristics: a digital CRM that interfaces and interacts with the current user without affecting the safety of acquired data. This ad hoc algorithm leverages cognitive functions to learn users’ behaviors and display the right contents at the right time.

In a word: machine learning.

And in the future the CRM will be used in Programmatic Advertising for Data-Driven Campaigns. Watch how Data Driven Ideas has become the best way of innovating the new CRM development for Vorwerk Follett. Meet Antonio Albano and Valerio Franco on Youmark and read more of the interview conversation on our press release here

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