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To emphasize the concept of the THUN Everyday collection, in the face of an increasingly broad and cosmopolitan audience, Hallelujah has designed #LoveEveryday, a mini-series exclusively distributed on the social media that is characterized by short format and a fresh, ironic and contemporary storytelling style.

Seven videos, each one dedicated to a day of the week and its “myth”, starring a young couple and Thun’s entire collection. Each episode has been published on Facebook on the same day of the episode’s name.

The first one, “Waking up on Monday ” was scheduled on Monday, April 25. 

#LoveEveryday – Il risveglio del Lunedì

#LoveEveryday – Ma è solo Martedì?

#LoveEveryday – Mercoledi: la sfida

#LoveEveryday – Giovedì: gnocchi

#LoveEveryday – Thank God it’s Friday!

#LoveEveryday – Sabato vuol dire shopping

#LoveEveryday – Il pranzo della Domenica

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