Mediaset Premium

Mediaset Premium owns exclusive TV rights for UEFA Champions League football matches. This makes their offering very attractive against market leader SKY TV, owner of SERIE A’s TV rights, especially for the fans of the team involved in the Champions League: Juventus, Napoli (Naples) and Roma (Rome). We were asked to develop an engagement plan towards those fans, aimed at bringing in front of them the Champions League theme and the opportunity to watch it thanks to Mediaset Premium during the summer period, in that part of the football season when fans discuss, argue and eventually dream about the future results of their favourite team.No special promotional offer was developed, as the aim of the campaign was to engage the audience and lead them to want to find out more by clicking to a landing page.    

Hallelujah developed a 12 weeks-long social media campaign on Facebook, targeting 4 different distinct audiences with a set of unique and tailor made contents: fans of (1) Juventus, (2) Napoli, (3) Roma and (4) Generic fans of Serie A football and Champions League. 28 single-minded creative posts were produced, 14 of them to engage fans, 14 more to get them to click and find out more. All contents were carefully planned to reflect the football events happening during the summer period and a good part of them were real time contents developed in response to football results and news (e.g. qualifying matches or champions League calendar drawing).


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