Caroussel BABILOO


Babiloo is a digital social dashboard that collects all brand digital analytics in one place. Babiloo has been developed by Hallelujah in collaboration with Delta Askii, the Tech partner who developed the Analytics Marketing Intelligence as well as the Front-end and Back-end of the platform, in coordination with Glauco Mantegari, the Data Science and Visual Expert and with the support of Gabriele Montanari and Stefania Rombola as Data Scientists and Data Modelists for the appropriate algorithms.

Babiloo allows all data to be gathered and viewed simply and instantly. The synthesised metrics are shown as Population, Reach and Interactions. Moreover, Babiloo compares your brand’s data against those of your main competitors in Competitive Index (max. 10 competitors) and allows real-time searching to explore Hot Topics and Influencers on each channel.

Watch the full recorded video of the Babiloo presentation. See how Babiloo can be useful to the brand’s digital ecosystem.

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