From London, arrives the new Head of Digital Art at Hallelujah.

Michele Cireddu #DigitalEvangelists
After many brain drain, finally, an expat decides to return home after he was convinced by a solid, innovative, and completely Italian project. At the end of a long negotiation, Michele Cireddu came across the English Channel to join the digital agency Hallelujah to complete the high-quality team of Digital Graphics with great competence. In the last three years, Michele has been worked in London as a digital developer responsible of DJMAG – an international music magazine – to launch its mobile site. Before his journey in the UK, he has matured in different professional experience in Milan as an art director, web designer, graphic designer and industrial designer.

“We are happy of Michele’s arrivals,” said Mizio Ratti “His profile and experiences are very rare. However, we did not lower down our aspect and keep finding with patient. Finally, we got exactly what we have been looking for  – a professional who can integrate the fine taste in Graphic design with proper technical skills. In fact, Michele is able to use two different languages ​​with ease. From the most abstract side in communication design to the technical side like HTML5. That makes he be the model of future creative professional “

In Hallelujah, Michele Cireddu will be the Head of Digital Art.

“The selection of a creative director, who comes from London, meets Hallelujah’s aim of creating cutting-edge communication design, less conventional and be more international,” concluded Valerio Franco, “Likes many of Italians, we have no doubt in creative skills, but sometimes we lack courage. By choosing the talents with international experience might be a must to pursue the mission we have set ourselves: innovation, both from the technological viewpoint and from the communication.”