Hallelujah develops an innovative CRM for Vorwerk Folletto.

Folletto Web design

At the end of a consultation, which involved by the important Italian digital agencies, Hallelujah is the chosen one for the new customer relationship management project (CRM) of Vorwerk Folletto.

Vorwerk Folletto is a leading brand in the market, thanks to the direct selling channel, They annually gain more than a million of Italian consumers contacts. Consequently, their CRM system needs to be very efficient and powerful.

The Hallelujah project is based on the original contents for the CRM category:
“Thanks to the partnership with Askii Deltawe are developing an appropriate algorithm with the strong character of innovation: is a digital CRM that interfaces and interacts with the current user without affect the safety of data acquired data. The ad hoc algorithm development allows you to take advantage of its cognitive functions to learn user’s behavior and proposing the right contents in the right time. In a few words, the Netflix CRM that based on the dynamic of machine learning.” declares Valerio Franco, CEO and Innovation Officer of Hallelujah.

“The digital agency selection process was not easy because all of them were well-prepared, “adds Francesca Gardener, CRM managers Vorwerk Folletto “but Hallelujah’s project captured our attention right away with its high innovative aspect”.

“In recent years, Vorwerk Folletto has made great steps in its digitization process,” concludes Antonio Albano, head of strategic marketing of Vorwerk Folletto, “the first step was the commercialization of robot Folletto VR100 and the stand-alone products with the opening a new on-line distribution channel. Today we want to continue on this way and becoming the pioneers in CRM category. The chance to offer the predictive and personalized experiences to the current customers and the prospects to fulfill their needs with the consumer journey is the most important topic in these days.With this innovative CRM approach, we want to bring out our experiences and consumer insights, maturated in years of sale experiences, on the rising digital channels.We are a strong and ambitious group. We want to become the leader in this field. “

Watch how can Data Driven Ideas has become the best way of innovating the new CRM development for Vorwerk Folletto. Meet Antonio Albano and Valerio Franco on Youmark’s special interview.