Hallelujah has a new Social Media Manager, Valentina Viel.

Valentina Press Photo

“Valentina has suddenly impressed us with her expertises, her outstanding personality, and to me, her great writing skill. It is not that because of my copywriting background, but nowadays to involve with people in social media through the storytelling is an unavoidable fact.” claimed by Mizio Ratti, the partner and Creative Director of Hallelujah.

Valentina Viel came from Satispay, the start-up service where she occupied as a Social Media Manager, nevertheless, she has a good knowledge in the world of agencies as well thanks to her experience as a Content Strategist in Wunderman Milano. Where she worked for many clients such as Xbox Italia and Windows Phone Italia until 2014.

With her eclectic mind, before dedicated herself to the world of social media, she was a freelance copywriter. Her writings were various form commercials scripts, short movies, and video clips. She even worked as a ghost writer. Now, she is a blogger at The Force of Hobbit, a tech lover, and a binge watcher. Valentina also passionate in kitesurfing and San Francisco 49ers.

“Her curiosity is one of her best qualifications, her background talents that she have gained from the various approaches in Social Media Manager role, which contains the in-depth study about Insights and Analytics” Valerio Franco added, “and for the agency like Hallelujah, which focuses on Data Driven Ideas mission, this combination of values between human resource and technology can only be our fundamental requirements and rewarding.”