Babiloo Dashboard

At IAB Forum Milan, Hallelujah presented its first business intelligence product call BABIBOO. Babiloo is a simplified and intuitive dashboard which allow any brands to monitor their digital ecosystem throughout the analytic of principle social media accounts and the main channels such as their official websites or apps.

BABILOO gives you the possibility to gather all data and visualise them simply and instantly. The synthesised metrics were shown as POPULATION, REACH e INTERACTIONS. Moreover, babiloo let you confronting your brand’s data to your main competitors in COMPETITIVE INDEX (max. 10 competitors) and provide you the real-time searching to explore HOT TOPIC and INFLUENCERS on each channel.

BABILOO has been developed by Hallelujah. In collaboration with Delta Askii, the Tech partner who developed the Analytics Marketing Intelligence as well as Front-end and Back-end of the platform. Coordinated with Glauco Mantegari, the Data Science and Visual Expert.
Supporting by Gabriele Montanari and Stefania Rombola as Data Scientist and Data Modelist for the appropriate algorithms.

“BABILOO has been thought for simplifying the daily usage of people works in marketing section. In the meantime, this project is a spontaneous result from our ‘Data Driven Ideas’ vision. Thanks to Babiloo, now we can measure the returning of digital campaign
with the maximum precision and effectiveness, so, bettering performance.” claimed Valerio Franco, The Innovation Officer di Hallelujah.

BABILOO will be available on February 14, 2016.

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